Integrating LVM with Hadoop and providing Elasticity to DataNode Storage

In Hadoop cluster how to give Dynamic storage to the cluster so you can increase and decrease the size of cluster? 

1.Creating LVM :

pvcreate <disk name>
vgcreate <Enter the vg name> <pv name> <pv name>
lvcreate --size <Size in GB OR MB> --name <ENter the lv name> <VG name> start namenode start datanode
hadoop dfsadmin -report

👉 Now Main part is we our data node is full then how we can increase the size of hard disk without affect the data👈

lvextend --size <Size> <path of LV>
resize2fs <path of LV>





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Mihir Patel

Mihir Patel

Technology Enthusiast

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